Mission Statement

Our Approach

Parent Pathways of NEPA is a multi-sector collaborative fighting poverty two generations at a time. This holistic approach to removing barriers for parents so they can advance their education includes partners from higher education, social and community services, and youth development.

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— Our Mission

Parent Pathways of Northeastern Pennsylvania guides parents out of poverty through access to higher education and family sustaining professional careers. Families are empowered to learn, thrive, and succeed; two generations at a time.


— Our Vision​

Parent Pathways of Northeastern Pennsylvania's vision is to advance socio-economic mobility for families through student parent success.


— Values Statement

Parent Pathways of Northeastern Pennsylvania drives equitable access to higher education for student parents in a collaborative place; where empathy and empowerment meet.

  • Compassionate Responders
  • Holistic Access
  • Person-Centered Strategies
  • Multi-Sector Integration
  • Two-generation Focus

Our Partners